Vision Cards: Collaging Your New Year’s Dreams

I’ve been making Vision Cards every year for almost a decade. They are beautiful creative touchstones that help me align my life with my deepest heart. I hope by sharing my cards I’ll inspire you to make some too. Here’s to a new year rich with fulfillment and dreams.

If you’re interested in the Vision Card Workshop, you can find it here.


  1. Melanie says:

    Jamie, thank you for sharing this idea xx love that these could become touchstones to dreams for the year….it is all too easy to get lost on the creative path….I like the idea of using these to guide me, focus me and not lose myself in the business life brings.xx thank you and wishing you a beautiful

  2. deb dane says:

    Love these – i have made vision collages in altered books and art journals (plus vision boards) but just made 5 double sided cards today and am sharing them on my blog tomorrow (linked here of course) xxx thanks Jamie

  3. kell says:

    You are such an inspiration and delight! I have made vision boards in the past, but I am eager to try these cards. Love the idea of the stand to keep them front row and center and changeable. I’m very grateful for your creativity. :)

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