Trust Your Magic

Today and everyday may you rediscover your creative heart.

May you wake each morning knowing the day ahead holds gifts for you.

May you trust with unwavering confidence the beauty and magic of your unique soul.

May you bring your gifts to the world and may the world receive them well and wisely.

May you follow the path that brings you alive – Yes, even if it takes bravery. Yes, even if there is risk. Yes, even if you feel unsure, unworthy and unprepared.

Because here is what I know.

You are meant to be alive – vivaciously, rapturously, radiantly alive.

You do not have to know everything or be everything.

You do not need to prepare.

You have all you need for the journey.

You are enough as you are right now.

Enough to take a step.

Enough to make a start.

Enough to move in the direction of your dreams.

You will find challenges, yes.

But through them you will discover your bravery, your wisdom and your gifts.

You will rise and meet what is meant for you and as you do, you will shine.

You will come to life in ways you have never imagined and

You will light the way.

The spark of life is in you.

Nourish it.

Cherish it.

Follow it.

It will guide you well.


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