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Today: I’m thinking about the relationship between quality and trust and the impact it has on shining.

Mentioned on Today’s Show:

  • GDay, where I introduced a wonderful group of girls to journaling

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Yesterday I was so lucky to have my sister Suzie introduce me to my DSLR!
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  1. Kris Bilyeu says:

    Hi — You are one of the MOST authentic people out there in social media-land. You, yourself, shine so brightly that I don’t know if a “glossy magazine setting” would be distracting or not. I always see YOU as the focal point — not the “stage setting” I do love noticing your studio in the background and I love seeing “what is Jamie going to wear today, what earrings and what rings!! I think that no matter what the setting is, as you say, when you come from your heart that’s where the shining and trust come through. You are the bright light.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hi Jamie. What an incredibly fascinating topic, and one that pops up everywhere in many guises. I think the heart of it is a version of tall poppy syndrome in that people are unconsciously working to keep other people from standing out, excelling or being just too happy or successful because the norm is to grow up having our own dreams squashed or limited in some way. I don’t think having a shiny magazine-like end product (whether a video, blog or artwork) is a bad thing. There are very “non-shiny” things out there that are not necessarily better or more true due to their lack of polish. What matters most to me is the sincerity and wisdom a person brings to their work, not necessarily how it looks. And I love your work, by the way! You have a rare gift of hearing beyond what is said.

  3. Céline Kelette says:

    thanks for those wonderful sparkling eyes of young girls !! It’s so moving !!!!
    I love the way you are surprised by an emotion that is coming through, and the way you are welcoming it !!!! YOU shine <3

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