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Today: Sharing my journal experiment with “too much” and what I found at the secondhand store this weekend!

Raccoon #goodmorninggarden

Raccoon is ready for #goodmorninggarden to begin!
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  1. Céline Kelette says:

    I love so much that marvellous idea of letting-go and accepting the “too much” ! I love that great book !!!
    so cute this Bruno !!!! (it’s a french name coming from Italy I think !!! could you explain this choice ????)
    A raccoon in your garden ??? MA GIC !!!! Jamie and the 7 beings !!!!! ha ha ha

  2. oooh when I saw the picture of your tortoise and cat the other day, I thought Bruno was real! I was like WHAT! What is Jamie doing! That cat’s gonna attack….hahahahaha!

  3. Pamela says:

    “Spring is like Christmas for a gardener.” – Great quote! I’m looking forward to seeing what emerges in your yard. That raccoon is big. Amazing photo!
    I like the introduction you wrote for the Too Much book. You express yourself so clearly.
    Your turtle looks real – something about the pose of it makes it come alive.

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