The Studio Kittens Then & Now: Escher

Meet Grey

For our one-year anniversary with the kittens, I thought I would share some photos of the journey. This little one started off as Grey and soon became Escher. Though his name changed, he has remained this irresistible toughie. His beauty draws you in but that raised paw keeps you out. To me the first sign that we were making real progress was when I found him sleeping on my pyjamas. Now we can pet him much of the time and occasionally he even comes for attention. He is watchful and quiet and can sometimes be found playing by himself in the kitchen. It’s hard to get to know, Mr. Escherpants, but we keep working on it every day.

Grey Day 4

Escher Waits for Art Day

JRS 10 Escher & Paper Ball


Escher Update


JRS Escher on the Mend

JRS Escher at the Window

 Escher in the Studio

Escher Daydreaming

JRS Escher Behind the Curtain

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