What would bring your vitality to life?

Recently I spoke about vitality on the BtS and there was this ripple of “Yes, that’s what I need right now.” And then I led Journal Club and there was a strong thread of self-care winding through there too. So I asked this question on Facebook…

What’s one thing you could do (or not do) this season that would increase your vitality?

I was so inspired by the answers that I thought it might be a wonderful studio activity for us to bring together our collective wisdom and create a beautiful, nourishing pile of self-nourishment activities to dive into.

Here is some of the gems from Facebook:

Nourishment of mind, body and soul! Yesterday, after the rain stopped, the air was cool and fresh so my pup, Fiona, and I went out for a walk. The sky was glorious with blue sky and puffy rain clouds. I came home and made the shredded brussel sprouts salad you shared last week and it was delicious!!!! Today, I’m off to my quilting group! Patti

 Eat breakfast! I tend to wait to eat until I am ravenous and then swallow the easiest thing. Although I don’t have junk food, I still tend to eat in a rush and not really be in the experience. Linda Marie

 Listen to my body’s own wisdom each day. It knows what I need and want to be profoundly vital (loved that phrase from your video!). Victoria

 Drink less coffee and more water. Angella

 Go outside and jump around in some leaves. Brittany

 Walk every morning! Laura

 Get my Fitbit back on and start walking again. Dianne

What’s one thing you could do (or not do) this season that would increase your vitality?

And, of course, what will you do?

By sharing your answer, you enrich us all! Imagine the exponential possibilities when we build this shared resource list of all the things we could do to increase our vitality! Thank you for being a part of this studio wisdom gathering.


  1. Janet says:

    Continue to focus on my Hungry Girl healthy eating and increase activity any way I can. By taking control of this portion of my life, I know it gives me strength and vitality in all areas.

  2. Angella says:

    I have decided to start juicing again, using raw vegetables and fruit. I did this everyday for a year in 2014/2015 and then stopped when my mom got ill. Today I bought the veggies and fruit I need so that I can start tomorrow! Yay me!

  3. daradines says:

    I met up with two friends for dinner this week and felt connected in the Journal Club group on Friday. Taking time to be with people in person or live energizes me!

  4. Dianne_Dixon says:

    One of the big things I am doing this season is refreshing my bedroom, clutter cleared away, anything that does not belong in a bedroom is gone. Have purchased a few new pieces of storage and a bench, plus new rugs. I’ve set up a personal Altar on my window seat again with a space for meditation in front of it. Lots of candles. Everything aimed at peace and tranquility. It is not quite finished, but should be by the end of this week, all in my quest for fulfilling my need for better sleep.

  5. Ceanne says:

    What I’m doing this season is 1) focusing on getting the proper rest my body/mind needs each day; 2) going through boxes from my move to my mom’s so that I know where everything is!; 3) uncluttering my space so it feels more like it’s welcoming me instead of putting up barriers…

  6. Kris says:

    I recently got a new pump for my indoor fountain so that I have water sounds 24/7 and that harmonizes with the birds outside my window. Tranquility has become very important to my well-being as I get older. I am also in the midst of re-painting my kitchen so that it is lighter and brighter. It’s the one thing that I can afford to do and the one thing that, for me, makes a HUGE difference — color is everywhere around me!!

  7. RosieGrey says:

    Taking a walk – I love to get outside, breathe in the fresh air. And then music – I almost ever forget about the effect, music has on me… moving a bit to the music, too ;-)
    And resting!!!

  8. Shannon says:

    Try something new! Whether it’s taking a class or listening to a learn-a-language podcast or exploring each fruit in the grocery store, try something new. Creating and engaging with new experiences reminds us that there is always more to explore in the wide world out there!

  9. Autumn_Forge says:

    This month, with the Sun in Scorpio, is my favorite season of the year. it’s often lovely in Virginia in November, and I want to be outside, exploring and doing things with friends. It’s an intensely creative time of the year for me as well, and so I also want to be inside, writing fiction (National Novel Writing Month!). The summer and early fall were unusually busy, however, and I didn ‘t spend much time reflecting on my day-to-day life. As a result, I feel a little disconnected and out of touch with myself. So my intention for this season is to consciously make time, amid other appealing activities, to muse on the past year in my journal, BEFORE I plan for 2017.

  10. Melanie says:

    I am going to draw or sketch everyday, delight and explore cooking more with the seasonal veggies, boogie round to music more and listen to what my body and soul needs and then not wait for others permission to do it!

  11. that1gypsygurl says:

    I’m going to exercise more. I’ve become quite sedentary, because of the summer. I don’t tolerate heat well. Now that it is cooler, I can become more active.

  12. Dianne_Dixon says:

    So many things from exercise to eating healthy, to journaling, to sketching or painting, to meeting friends but one important thing is – that no matter if I am a little tired or the weather is chilly I need to get into my car twice a month and go to my drumming/meditation circle. No excuses to miss it.

  13. Dianne_Dixon says:

    Ditto for yoga class. I went to a two and a half hour yoga workshop yesterday called ‘Happy Feet’ it was amazing! Feet are the body’s foundation.

  14. Crinkleroot says:

    I am going to work on being present. Starting out each day centered. Adding more activity and spending more time in my creative corner.

  15. Maggieb says:

    So many ideas we all have in common around keeping energy and enjoying the beauty of the season- it is comforting to think that in so many far flung places ‘adults’ are jumping in the leaves!

  16. Wowva says:

    Oh, to delight in fleeting Fall (so quickly here and gone in Florida) to, as JR says, ‘Revel in the present!’
    To get outside daily for a walk. Snap some photos. Think some vivacious thoughts.
    Call a friend out of the blue to say, Hi I love and miss you.
    Pull out a hibernating project and invigorate it with Fall energy and passion.
    Recommit to yoga class and embrace new teacher.
    Continue using my newly implemented Tah Dah Action spreadsheet (a mix of several strategies including Jamie’s) which has helped me stay focused, organized, and aware when I’m neglecting area/topics.
    Happy, happy autumn to all and thanks for sharing your wisdom. Vugs!

  17. Katja says:

    I do yoga every morning and walk for long distances in the afternoon. I feel like I am walking to find answers to questions in my life, to see the beauty around me, to listen to the sounds of Mother Nature and to feel the earth beneath my feet holding me up. Doing these two things invigorate me mentally, physically and spiritually and give me so much vitality.

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