The Simple Goodness of Ordinary

An Autumn Walk

How do you say anything in the wake of what happened in Paris? No wonder the response I’ve seen most often has been simply, “No words.”
On a Friday night in a magical city, people were out and about, living their precious lives. Friends, strangers, first dates, work buddies, just people going to a game, a concert, enjoying the start of the weekend. Like you did. Like I did.

In a moment, it changed.

As I sat watching the news, curled under a crocheted blanket, hanging out with my sister, surrounded by cats, I was struck once again by the simple goodness of the ordinary.

Cozy slippers.

Putting the kettle on.

Coloured pencils.

Colouring books.

Watching TV.

Listening to music.

Eating dinner.

Having a chat.

It is so easy to forget what a blessing ordinary moments are.

This moment here, with your tea and tablet

A long shower after a longer day

Peeling potatoes

Riding the subway

Folding laundry

Raking leaves

Making the bed

Answering email

Walking home

Going to a party

Tidying up

Eating toast and jam

Falling asleep

Waking up


Life gives each of us dark moments and when it does, we meet those moments as best we can. Perhaps it is the goodness of our ordinary moments that will give us the solace we yearn for and the courage we need.

In this moment, especially in this moment, I wish for you the goodness of ordinary.


  1. Céline Kelette says:

    So precious Jamie in this horrible and sad weekend. We are, in France, crying and praying as Notre-Dame in Paris is playing, the bell is ringing. French people really appreciate your love. Facebook is a real blessing in this period. We are receiving all this love and sweet words that are so healing for us.
    Love will heal, for sure.

  2. Lisa says:

    Beautiful Jamie – it took me so long to appreciate the extraordinary in the ordinary — and as I sat in my pjs in my cozy home on this damp chilly night listening to your words I am reminded again why these ordinary moments means so much. Sending big ordinary hugs over the miles.

  3. Thank you for such a beautiful post. Your words struck me right in the centre of my heart. Each day I have been revelling in the beautiful moments…the ordinary moments …just as you describe..whilst keeping my heart open to the sadness that is happening around us right now… I love to hear your voice speak these words. Thank you x

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