The Fall Reset: Check Your Inner Compass

Every equinox and solstice provides an opportunity for a fresh start, a chance to tune in and reset. With fall arriving, now is a great time to check your inner compass, to remember who you are and to move forward with clarity and creativity.

The Fall Equinox
Ways to Make the Most of this Magical Transitional Time

Reflect: Before moving into fall, take stock of what this summer has meant to you. What have you experienced? What have you learned and accomplished? What do you want to remember? What is there to celebrate? Who have you become? Try summing up your summer by completing this sentence, “The summer of 2021 was the summer of _______.”

Clear: Prepare the way for fall with some inner and outer clearing. Practice free-writing and let all the excess on your mind and in your heart pour onto the page. What is it time to leave behind? What is it time to make room for? Choose a spot in your home that relates to your priorities for next season and declutter and clean. Finish off by adding a spritz of beauty.

Ground: It continues to be a heck of a time in the world and many of us are feeling frazzled and uncentred. What would help you feel grounded, vital and strong as you move into the new season? Maybe it’s time to get some extra sleep, to do some dancing or to complete that lingering to-do (you know the one). Now is also a great time to choose a nourishing practice to establish in the season ahead.

Imagine: Imagine your way into an autumn that feels good and right for you. Let go of ‘the way it is’ and instead imagine a fall of your own design. Where does your inner compass lead? What matters to you now? What parts of your self are aching to take the stage? At the end of autumn, where would you like to be?

Claim: Looking at what you’ve imagined, what will you claim for yourself this season? What will you name as your priority? What will you place at the centre of your life?

Plan: Take a breath. This is the alchemical part. What steps would bring your life into alignment with these new priorities, with your imagined fall? There’s no need to plot out every detail. This isn’t about having creative control. It’s about using our creative agency to build what we imagine as best we can. What aligned choices and plans can you make for the season ahead? (By the way, at this stage, you may find yourself doing more clearing – from your calendar and from your life.)

Act: Magic takes hold through action. Don’t get hung up on choosing the perfect move. You’ve imagined your season and set your priorities. You’ve made some plans. Take what feels like the next right step. Notice what happens. Even if it was hard or the feedback was, well, let’s say ‘mixed’, do you feel like you’re on path? Does something need to be adjusted or refined? Do that and then take what feels like the next right step. Once again, pay attention to what happens. Adjust. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Learn: Every step of the way, gather your insight. Journal it out. Chat with a friend. Talk with a coach. Process through art-making. Share what you’ve learned. Turn your lived experience into earned wisdom.

Do it all again next season!

I hope these steps help you create magic during this seasonal transition and beyond. May this fall be rich with blessings for you. May you discover that your creative magic is more potent than you dared to dream.

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