Ten Ways to Love Today

Love Today

On average, each of us gets 30,000 days in this lifetime. What would our lives be like if we loved up each and every one of them? Here are 10 tips for amping up our love for today.

1. Be Loving

Find the love in your heart and let it out. Tell your mom you love her. Leave your honey a love note. Kiss your kitty’s forehead. Say “Mmm, darling, I adore you” to your morning coffee. Express your love!

2. Stretch

I mean this literally and figuratively. Wake up and stretch from your fingertips to your toes. Let out a big stretching groan. Stretch into new territory. Say yes. Say no! Ask the first question. Ask for that raise. Stretch yourself each day and feel your courage grow.

3. Embrace the Weather

If it’s rainy today, give yourself 5 extra minutes to lie in bed and listen to the rain. If it’s cold, pull out your favourite sweater and get cozy. If it’s hot, turn your face towards the sun and beam right back at it.

4. Be yourself

Leave behind what you’ve made up about who you have to be to play the roles that you take on each day. Show up at work as yourself. Arrive at dinner as you are. Share what you think. Wear something you love. Be true to you.

5. Smile

Smiling relaxes your body and improves your mood. It can start on the outside and travel in. It can be viral and spread beyond you. Get brazen about smiling and see what happens. Smile at the bank teller, your mailman, your boss. Smile at that cutie walking down the street. Remember that old saying, “Smile and they’ll wonder what you’re up to.”

6. Reach out to someone you miss

Most of us have people in our lives whom we don’t connect to nearly enough. Reach out. Let them know you’re thinking of them. It can be as simple as picking up a beautiful postcard, scrawling “I miss you” in big purple letters and putting it in the mail.

7. Learn

Invite new thoughts and experiences into your day. Learn a new route home from work. Open the dictionary and find an unfamiliar word to play with. Figure out how to change your bike tire. Try cooking an artichoke. Expand your knowledge and grow.

8. Touch someone

Hug your kid. Put your arm around a friend. Soothe your aching feet by giving them a massage. Run your fingers through your hair. Add pleasure to your day through physical touch.

9. Practice acceptance

Some things (both little and big) challenge your ability to love your day. Someone cuts you off. You get fired. You get sick. Someone you love gets sick. Give the little things little energy. Attend to them and let them go. With bigger things, let yourself experience them. Let the world stop for a moment while you go ahead and be sad, hurt, disappointed, frightened. It may be uncomfortable or painful but this is a moment in your life – let it in.

10. Express gratitude

Give thanks in the moment and as you reflect back on your day. When you get a seat on the subway, say thank you to the powers that be. When the cashier hands you your change, say a warm thank you (throw in a smile and accomplish 2 things on this list!) Express gratitude for each thing that brought you joy, made life easier, gave you what you needed or ask for. And then before you go to bed write down at least 10 things you were thankful for today.

Now, wasn’t that a day worth loving?


  1. Pamela says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Jamie!
    I wish for you a beautiful day and evening full of all the things that make your heart full and content.
    I am sure the cats in your hood will have a special greeting or sign for you today – be sure to find it.
    Your vibrant energy and loving heart touch many lives!
    Sending you a birthday song and dance, a cake with a big star on it, and twinkle lights wherever you go.
    With a sprinkle of pixie-dust*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

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