Sunday with the Kittens: Stress, Growth & Progress

Studio Triplets

Last week we reached a new level of intimacy with The Studio Kittens. With several days of work required to put new pipes in our basement, the kittens had to be contained in one spot for several days. Where did we decide was the best idea? Our bedroom! When did we rethink this? SeveralĀ  mornings at 4:00 am, which seemed to be prime kitten activity time! Having said that, generally they were very well-behaved and we had lots and lots of time for cuddles and love.

Shibumi on Chair

Shibumi is still sick with idiopathic cystitis. Unfortunately, this is due to stress and I’m sure all of that construction did not help at all. The vet has recommended new food for her and also trying Feliway, which is a synthesized cat pheromone spray that helps calm the kitten nerves. I think this is going to be a boon for everyone! The amazing thing is that even though Shibumi is fighting this health issue, she is still full of vim and vigour! She has discovered the game of fetch and is relentless in her pursuit of her sponge soccer ball. She even stands at the top of the stairs and drops it so she can chase after it!


Progress with Escher is slow but I remind myself all the time that it is also steady. Now, if he’s lying down he’s generally open to some attention. He’ll even stretch out and purr. But if he’s sitting like this or walking around or if he’s in the kitchen and you move your hand towards him, he’ll raise his to swat. It’s okay, Escher. We’ll move at your pace. Gentle, gentle. Slow, slow.


Scout has turned into a real lovebug. He often sits behind me on my chair while I work. When I pet him, he often immediately drops and offers up his belly for rubs. When I hang out with him, I literally feel my breathing and heart rate slowing. He has some magic mojo, this one.

Shibumi & Scout

It’s amazing to see them not only their progress but also their transformation as they grow from kittens to cats right before our eyes. They are so clearly teenagers right now! It’s amazing just how often we walk into a room and they scatter, knowing they are about to get caught doing whatever crazy thing they’ve been doing. We’re likely to find Escher scrounging for a bit of food on the counter or sink. This week Scout we saw triumphantly strutting up the stairs with a sour cream container from the recycling bin. And Shibumi, well, Shibumi just wants to play.

Escher in a Box

No matter how much they grow, they’ll always be “The Kittens” to us.


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