The Studio Yearbook: A Seasonal Guided Journal for Your Creative Life


I am so excited to be able to share with you my most trusted studio companion:

The Studio Yearbook!

PS Don’t tell the kittens.

The Story of the Studio Yearbook

In January of 2017, I woke up with a start at 5:00 am with an idea, an idea that got me out of bed and down to the kitchen table for the next several hours pouring it onto page after page after page after page.

What found its way out of my fingertips was a guided journal, a journal that pulled together core studio practices, a journal that would hold in one place inspirations, insights and celebrations, a journal that would be fun to create and also serve as a beautiful, tangible reminder of a creative life.

I worked with it for a year. One Journal for winter. One for spring. One for summer. One for fall. I invited an alpha team to try it. Then a beta team. Finally, after a last round with some enthusiastic cheerleaders. Now the yearbook is ready for you.

The Spring Edition of the Studio Yearbook is ready to bloom in your hands!

I hope it will be your stalwart companion. I hope it will be your guide. I hope it will hold your memories – and encourage you to make beautiful ones.

Most of all, I  hope you will fill it with your creative heart.

Only then will it truly be yours.

The Spring Edition is Here!

The Studio Yearbook is a seasonal guided journal designed to support you in bringing your creativity to life.

Your Studio Yearbook Activities

Each season, the Yearbook brings together many creative practices that have been a part of Jamie Ridler Studios for years! Now you can do all of the following in one place:

    • Document your day
    • Set a daily focus
    • Practice gratitude
    • Celebrate your achievements
    • Gather your inspirations
    • Note your learnings
    • Collect quotes that inspire you
    • Do a daily drawing
    • Identify your focus areas
    • Align your weekly tasks with what matters!
    • Create full moon dreamboards
    • Connect to the energy of the season
    • And MORE!

All of this in a simple, accessible fill-in-the-blank format that that can take as much or as little time as you want (or have)!

NEW!! Enthusiasm has been so great for the spring Studio Yearbook that I’ve decided to add a Facebook group so we can all share our discoveries along the way!

Here’s a flip-through of one of my yearbooks to give you an idea of what this guided journal is like.

The Studio Yearbook –  PDF Edition (Spring)

Your Spring Studio Yearbook (March 20 – June 20): The Studio Yearbook is a seasonal guided journal designed to support you in bringing your creativity to life. It brings together a range of powerful creative practices into one unintimidating fill-in-the-blank format that can take as much or as little time as you want (or have!).

The PDF version is still available and gives you the flexibility of printing and binding your book to suit your needs! If you want to check the cost of printing before purchasing, the journal is 139 pages plus a front and back cover.

PLUS! Purchase now and you’ll receive a short series of inspiring training videos starting on Friday, March 16th that will help you make the most of your Studio Yearbook experience.

PLUS! The response to the yearbook has been so positive that I’ve added a Facebook group. Already it is full of lively creative sharing as people start to make their yearbook their own!

PLUS! On Thursday, March 22nd I’ll be available for a LIVE Q&A to make sure you feel settled and ready to dive into your Studio Yearbook and make this a magical creative spring!

Purchase the Spring PDF Edition

The Studio Yearbook: Spring Edition (PDF)
$22 USD

Member of the Studio?
Apply your studio discount to the purchase of the PDF and save 10%!

The Studio Yearbook – Print Edition (Spring) SOLD OUT!

NOTE: Only 100 physical copies of the spring Studio Yearbook are available this season. 

Your Spring Studio Yearbook (March 20 – June 20): Over the past year we’ve tested out several formats until we landed on “the one”. Spiral bound so you can flip it around and write easily. A cover heavy enough to give some support when you’re writing but not weigh you down. Printed on 70 lb paper that’s thick enough to handle gel pens, regular markers and even a light coat of paint. Every page is black and white and ready for you to add your own colour, your own way.  

PLUS: For everyone that purchases the spring Studio Yearbook, I will be hosting a one-hour live Q&A session on Thursday, March 22nd at 1:00 pm EST, 2 days after the start of the spring season. This gives you some time to familiarize yourself with the yearbook. If you have questions, you’ve got me right there to help.

Purchase the Spring Print Edition

The Studio Yearbook: Spring Edition (Print)
$30 USD plus shipping*


*Shipping to Canada $13 USD and to the US $15 USD
Note: International buyers, I recommend the PDF.

Questions about shipping? Return policy? Check out our FAQ here.

I started to craft a different life because of it.
Kim Sedgwick.

The best thing I liked about it was Jamie’s warm invitation to make it your own. That is something I jumped on right away.
Dara Dines

Having everything in one place is what really speaks to me about the yearbook! It opens up that space to explore, to really be me, to be as creative as I want to be.
Laura Allen

It makes every day more magical. Rosie Grey

I am really excited about this yearbook. I’m not a person that typically does something long term. I’ve tried in the past. But there’s something about this yearbook that’s got me excited.
Julie Kovac

I love the gold stars. That’s actually really fun for me. I think through what did I do today that earned the gold star. It’s a way for me to not be too hard for myself.
Michaela Harkins

I would recommend this to anyone!
Dianne Dixon