Community Care & FAQ

I am so glad you are here and a part of the Jamie Ridler Studios community! It’s a lively creative space and with so much going on, you are bound to have some questions. Below we’ve created a growing FAQ to help you get answers ASAP. 

The Studio

How do I put my class in my locker?

If you’re taking a class at Jamie Ridler Studios and want to save it for easy access, we’ve created a locker just for you. First you must create a login to the studio. You can do so here. Once you are logged in, go to the classroom url and use the password, both can be found in the welcome package you downloaded upon registration. When you arrive at the page, you will see a link near the top of the page that says, “Add to my locker.” (Note: this link will only appear if you are logged into the studio.) Click on the link and voila, you are done! In the future, login to the studio, click on the My Locker tab and your class will be there. (Please Note: courses that are delivered entirely be email, like Awakening and Sparkles, cannot be saved to your locker.)

I am trying to create a login for the Studio and the system won’t accept any password I create!

Our system is a creatively quirky and doesn’t like familiar formulas. We’ve found a great way to create an acceptable password is to use a short phrase or a fun combination of words like “sparklingmonday” or “creativityismylife”. It’s easier to remember too!

I forgot to use my Studio Discount! Can I use it now?

Your studio discount must be applied at the time of purchase. To help make this easy for you, we include the code in every weekly newsletter. Just check your most recent edition and you’re all set!

What’s your return policy?

Sales for all digital products is final. If you bought a physical copy of the Studio Yearbook, you may ask for a refund within 24 hours of purchase. This gives us an opportunity to halt production and shipping. Once an item has been shipped, the sale is final.

The Studio Yearbook

Does my studio discount apply to the yearbook?

You can use your studio discount on the PDF edition but not the print copy.

Is the yearbook only for a season?

Yes, each yearbook will represent one season. We found that trying to get your whole year into one book just got too unwieldy and overwhelming. Instead, we have a lovely fresh start as the equinox or solstice arrives. We also found that by creating one yearbook for each of the four seasons enhanced our relationship to the energy of that season exponentially. 

The cost of shipping seems a bit high.  Why is that?

We took the yearbook into the post office and had it weighed and measured to determine the appropriate cost for shipping and handling.

What about the Southern Hemisphere? Our seasons are the opposite!

That is definitely a challenge with the seasonal approach! I do hope to offer a PDF version for the Southern Hemisphere in the future. As we get this offering off the ground we’re having to put all our efforts into the Northern Hemisphere version. Having said that, several people from the Southern Hemisphere have participated, making personalized adjustments along the way.


Can I or my client be a guest on Creative Living with Jamie?

Thank you so much for your interest in the podcast and for introducing yourself or your client to us. We so appreciate your inquiry but are not accepting any new guests at this time. We’ll be sure to revisit your contact details should that change – and we wish you all the best in your endeavours.

I’m interested in advertising or providing guest content on your site. What’s your process?

I’m so glad that you feel connected to the material at Jamie Ridler Studios and imagine a strong relationship between our content. It’s great that we’ve connected but here at the studio we do not accept advertising, sponsored posts or paid content. If we ever feature guest posts, it will be initiated by us.

Would you like to be interested in my interview series/summit/podcast?

Thank you so much for thinking of me! I love the opportunity to spread the creative word and I love connecting with like-minded spirits.  I am, however, no longer saying yes to invitations that come with numbers requirements and/or that dictate the method and frequency with which I must share promotional material. Also, if your summit or event is homogeneous in its speakers, I encourage you to offer my place to someone who represents a community whose voice is less often heard. We will all be the richer for it.

Privacy Policy


One of the tenets of a studio is creating a sense of safety and security and that is the intention behind this statement of policy. Please take the time to read it so that you can feel clear and confident about moving forward in your studio experience.

The Jamie Ridler Studios Website

Jamie Ridler Studios is a creative hub that offers content, courses and coaching to help people bring their creativity to life.

Privacy Policy

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I want to assure you that any data you submit here at Jamie Ridler Studios is only ever used by Jamie Ridler Studios with the expressed intention of communicating with you and delivering our content, classes and services. In order to do so, your information is shared with trusted third-party service providers such as our payment processor, mailing list manager, etc. Each of these providers agrees to keep information confidential and they are not at liberty to contact you directly. Your information is never shared with third parties who do not play a direct role in the delivery of our offerings.

The Information We Gather

When you make a purchase, register for a class and or sign up for the studio, we collect your name, email address, address (where applicable) and payment details (where applicable). This data is shared with our third-party service providers so that we can deliver the requested offering.

When making comments on the Jamie Ridler Studios blog and/or submitting questions, queries or comments via our contact form, or email a representative of the studio (e.g. Jamie), you share your name, email address and website url (where applicable). This allows us to review and respond to your correspondence.

When you visit the Jamie Ridler Studios website, we collect non-personally identifying information such as entry links and bounce rates. This allows us to work towards site improvements by understanding visitor interest and behavior.

Note: Your credit card details are communicated directly from your browser to our payment processor, Paypal. Jamie Ridler Studios never sees or has access to the information you share with Paypal.

The Ways This Information May Be Used

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  • To comply with legal regulations or requests and to protect the security of the website and business
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We do our best to protect the data that you share with us and use only trusted service providers in all aspects of our work. Unfortunately, no system is foolproof. When you share your information on this website, you agree that Jamie Ridler and/or Jamie Ridler Studios is not responsible for any intercepted information and you release Jamie Ridler and/or Jamie Ridler Studios from any claims arising out of or related to the use of this information.

Opting Out

At any time, you can request that you be removed from our contact list and all of your information be deleted. Simply email


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Disclosure Policy

On this site you will find links to books, equipment, courses and other creativity-related products and services that I am sharing because I believe they will be of use and of interest. Sometimes I have an affiliate relationship with services such as Amazon and may receive a nominal percentage should you choose to purchase an item that I have linked to. I do not receive any fee for promoting the product or for the link itself.

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