The Studio Yearbook:
A Seasonal Guided Journal
for Your Creative Life

Imagine having a journal that supports your creative process and practice, a journal that not only holds the space for your inspirations and celebrations but that also becomes a beautiful keepsake of your journey as an artist.

The Studio Yearbook brings together creative practices that have been in use at Jamie Ridler Studios for years! Imagine one place to check-in with your focus areas, one place to celebrate the seasons and make a dreamboard under the full moon, one place to gather your gratitude and acknowledge yourself with gold stars!

The First 100: There will only be 100 physical copies printed for each round of the Yearbook.  Early access means you’ll have the chance to purchase from this limited edition during a special 48-hour window. Plus, there will be bonuses!

PDF: The treats aren’t only for those who want the hard copy. If you order your PDF in the 48-hour early bird period, you will also gain exclusive access to a bonus!

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Here’s what Creatives like you
are saying about the Studio Yearbook!

Yearbook: My Creativity is Important

Yearbook One Day Contains So Many Treasures

“I started to craft a different life because of it.” Kim Sedgwick

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