Studio Diaries 9: Snow, Sickness & Good Reading

View from the Studio

Winter is having a hard time letting go of Toronto! I am thankful for more sunshine but I am ready for the snow to go.

First Signs of Spring 2016

Especially since last week my poor tulips and daffodils had started their journey in the garden. Every time I think of these spring flowers, I think of May Sarton and her book Plant Dreaming Deep. In it she talked about the battle of the bulbs that is waged every year with the surrounding wildlife. Whereas my solution has been to try to protect my few bulbs with this chicken wire, May chose to plant hundreds of bulbs, knowing that some of them would be her contribution to the winter diet of squirrels. I am inspired by that abundance and generosity. Perhaps next year I will plant dozens more.

JRS 2016-04-06 Racoon

In our neighbourhood it is not only the squirrels but also the raccoons that are out looking for food. I was surprised to see this one out in the middle of the day. Though they are super cute, they can really be a problem so we’d prefer not to feed them. Though we discovered a couple of years ago we were…

That was the end of the bird feeder!

 Bedside Table

It’s nice there is so much to experience right through my window because I’m tucked inside for a bit. Unfortunately, I’m under the weather so I am taking a couple of days to rest and hopefully kick this congestion to the curb. I’m curled up under the blankets, with kittens at my feet and a big pile of journals and books at the ready. Perhaps you’ll see some of these in an upcoming Creative Living Bookshelf! That is if I can stay up long enough to read them!

Creative Prompts for Your Studio (Remember, your life is your studio)

  • What are you having a hard time letting go of? What would help you release?
  • Where are you being protective when abundance and generosity might serve you better?
  • What books are on your bedside table?

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