stART: Episode 36 – All Three Sisters are Back!

About stART: Creating As We Go: Every couple of weeks my sisters and I get together and share what we’ve been creating – and what we’ve learned along the way. This week, we’re back together again! With all the time that is passed, and one cross-country move, we have lots to share about our creative projects and lives! (You can enjoy the show in video or audio format)

On Episode 36 we mention:

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stART eps 36

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  1. Dara says:

    Hello there Sisters! How fun you guys!!! I really enjoyed this episode..and Shannon I forgot to leave a comment on your document your life Video..that was really neat & inspiring..I’d like to try something like that. I think it would be fun as a group and then bring our videos back to watch…very brave Susie, to pack up and unpack across the country. I totally get that wanting to be in a place that feels like home and feels like you…I had not heard of Etsy exhibits before and it makes sense to me that they were created! I look forward to tuning in to the next stART.

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