In the Spotlight with Tanya Geisler

For years I have had the joy of co-working with one of the most brilliant, heart-centred coaches I know, Tanya Geisler.  There’s inevitably magic when we get down to business and so when she asked me to be on her brand new podcast I was both honoured and delighted.  I’m excited to be able to share this conversation with you.

We talked about…

  • How to start something that is meaningful to you.
  • When you start something new, what voice should you listen to?
  • Making big, brave asks with integrity, sincerity, and respect.
  • Unhooking from the fear or pain of rejection\Starting out and forging your own path instead of following predetermined paths step-by-step

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Visit Tanya and learn more about the Imposter Complex and Stepping into Your Starring Role

If you want to take this convo with you, check out the podcast version by subscribing to In the Spotlight with Tanya Geisler on iTunes.

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  1. Dara says:

    Amazing content! You guys are great together..everything spoke to me…as I plan my Community Workshop today, I’m thinking about your wise guidance. Thank you both!

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