The Shocking Truth: I Don’t Care If You Make Money at Your Art!

Come to Your Art

I’m going to tell you something shocking. I don’t care if you make money at your art. I don’t care if you make six-figures working two days a week and have a kick-ass brand, a million followers and build passive income so you can bask on the beaches of Spain.

I don’t care.

What I care about is that you don’t die with your art inside you.

I care that at the end of your days you look back on your life, your experience and your body of work and feel proud.

I care that the world gets to see who you are and what you are capable of.

I care that you bring to life what is in you waiting to be born.

I care that you express the unique and precious perspective that only you bring to this world.

I care that you love your life.

I care that you are creatively fulfilled.

I care that your creative spark becomes a fire.

I care that you shine.

I want that for you no matter what.

No matter what your circumstances, no matter who or where you are, no matter how much time you have, no matter how much money you have, no matter how much energy you have I care that in this lifetime, in this body, in this moment, you create. That you take what is in your heart and mind and turn it into something. That you make your creative magic. That you bring what is in you to life and in so doing bring yourself to life too.

Not because you get paid.

Not because someone is watching.

Not because you need to prove something to someone, including yourself.

But because you have a song to sing, a poem to write, a dance to dance and you love it.

Because you are an artist. That is all.

Don’t let anything stop you. Not even something that looks like a dream.

Come to the Table


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