Sharing Quebec City – Day 2

Le Pain Béni

One of the advantages of our hotel in Quebec City was breakfast at Le Pain Béni was included and delicious! We started our first full day in the city with the best seat in the house, right by the window. The rain had poured all night long but it didn’t feel so bad curled up under the slanted roof and cozy under our Hudson Bay blanket. Still, with the promise of more rain it seemed a good day to go to a museum!

JRS Rainy Cartier

Early mornings and rainy days have their advantages, including sometimes feeling like you have the entire city to yourself.

JRS Rainy Quebec

JRS Le musée de la civilisation de Québec

It’s too bad Les Museée de la Civilisation didn’t have many spots that allowed pictures. We had a wonderful time exploring the People of Québec…Then and Now exhibit. I was especially fascinated by the variety of contemporary takes on Québec history and I just loved the stations that brought voices of the past to life with creative recordings. They had that perfect blend of being informative, humorous and just a little bit corny. That feels like home to me, hehe.

I wish I could also recreate for you a bit of the Haiti: In Extremis show that we experienced. It is still sitting in my heart and mind. It was one of those art experiences that asks you to expand into an entirely different perspective. It was intense, magical, frightening, spiritual… It was a different world.

JRS St Lawrence

When we left the museum, we were delighted to see signs of sunshine! It seemed like a perfect time to head into Lower Town and have a bite to eat.

Le Lapin Saute

We found this wonderful little restaurant with a beautiful outdoor patio. We tucked in for salads and a lovely glass of wine in the sunshine – and of course, some creme brulee!

Lower Town. Quebec City.

Lower Town is a beautiful part of the city and we had a great time exploring. We’re not big shoppers but we did find some treasures, including a store that specializes in using reclaimed wool. We couldn’t resist the quality of the material, the local spin and the brilliant idea and so came home with socks and a toque!

JRS Fresque des Québécois

We strolled so long we managed to find a quiet moment in front of the Fresque des Québécois! Earlier in the day there were dozens of people taking their picture in front of this mural, most coming up with creative ways to interact with the historical figures inside the painting!

1640 Quebec City

We continued to walk throughout the beautiful city until it was clear it was time to sit down for another meal. We had to take advantage of this gorgeous break in the weather and found a patio right near our hotel.

The Moon & The Chateau.

There’s nothing quite like ending your day with a view of the moon and a chateau.


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