Sharing Our Journal Stories: Hali Karla

In support of Give a Girl a Journal, I’ve invited some dear friends and colleagues to share their personal experience with journaling.

Today I am delighted to share with you the journal story of artist Hali Karla, who has found journaling to be a life-long friend and a life-long healer and a live-long infusion of empowerment.

Thank you to Hali for sharing her story. You can find her at Hali Karla Arts.Give a Girl a Journal Badge Blue

If you give a Girl a Journal, she will empower her life.

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  1. Dara says:

    “Your journal will hold you”…that is incredibly moving Hali! That you for sharing your beautiful thoughts on journaling, I love how you put “whatever” in your journal..I feel like I’ve been moving more in that direction.

    Thank you for all of these journal stories Jamie, they are truly inspiring to keep journaling in our very own way..

    • Hali says:

      Thank you for the comment, Dara! I’m so glad it resonated for you. Wishing you much creative exploration in your own journaling! ~hali

  2. Pamela says:

    Thank you, Hali, for the “infusion of power” you gave us with your message on journaling. It is a path you were clearly on at a young age. The pages you shared were marvelous!
    It’s been so fun to hear these stories of other journal writers! There are a lot of us!

    • Hali says:

      There ARE a lot of us, Pamela! I love that! It’s funny how when we talk through things (like in the video) we can sometimes see more clearly the gifts of something in our lives. Empowerment has definitely been my long-term experience with journaling over the years. Thank you for your kind words! ~hali

  3. Hali says:

    So happy to share for this amazing project, Jamie! It was good for me to reflect, too. Thank you for all the goodness you bring into the world, and that you invite all of us to bring as well! xoxo~hali

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