Sharing Our Journal Stories: Danette Relic

In support of Give a Girl a Journal I’ve invited some of my dear friends and colleagues to share their personal experience with journaling.

As the gifted artist who designed our fab logo, Danette is an important part of Give a Girl a Journal. She’s cheered this project on from the beginning and her understanding of just how important a journal can be is here in her story. Thank you, Danette, for showing us how a girl who got a journal is now a woman with a strong and beautiful voice.

You can find Danette at Radical Creative Sanctuary.

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When you give a girl a journal, you give the world that girl.

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  1. Pamela says:

    Thank you, Danette, for that great logo you created and for your wisdom about journaling.
    I like what you said about girl’s voices trumpeting out and that you find your truth when you journal.
    I remember my first journal with a lock and key, too. It was my private place to begin writing.

  2. Annette Gonzalez says:

    How fun to hear your voice and see your facial expressions, Danette! Of all the deep and beautiful words you gave us, I have to say that I loved your metaphors of journals as mirrors, playrooms, and especially barf bags! (Perhaps not very deep of me, but they gave me a smile.) Thank you Jamie and Danette!

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