Share Your Story: Your Personal Art History

Your Art History

Recently I’ve been exploring my personal art history, from dancing as a little girl to my Grandma playing the piano to studying theatre in graduate school. With every step and story themes reveal themselves. I see the life lessons I’m asked to learn again and again. I discover clues to who I am and who I long to become.

I invite you to take a first step on the same path. Below you’ll find a survey made up of art history journal prompts. If you want to take this journey privately, answer the prompts in your journal. If you’d like to have a witness to your story, to know that it has been heard, I invite you to fill out the survey and share it with me. Your answers will not be made public. It will just be me reading your story, listening to your heart. You will help me see and understand the richness and complexity of all of our journeys – and who knows, I might even ask if I can interview you!

Enjoy the journey; it is yours.

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