1. Kris says:

    Good morning —My attention was caught by the Enchanted Map card you shared today. Is that the name of the deck? Did you do a segment about the different decks of tarot/meditation cards? Did I miss it? Is it still in the ethers? Another random question from a few years back — wahtever happened to that red’ish dress that was your first sewing project? Did you discover that sewing was not your thing? That thought just popped into my head !!! Have a good day. Thanks.

    • Jamie says:

      Hey there, Kris! It’s funny – sharing the card today brought me back to that plan for a video as well. I’ll make it an October project :) The dress is still waiting for me. I found it really hard to not have a place that I can regularly use the sewing machine. It’s just too much to set up and take down each time. Though I do have a spot that I hope to set it up in eventually so I can give it a real college try. I even have my eye on some simpler projects that might be a better way to start.

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