Saturday Morning Adventure: The Beach

For many years, my husband and I have been going on Saturday Morning Adventures. Sometimes it’s just a trip to the hardware store, sometimes it’s exploring a new neighbourhood. Whether it’s errands or entertainment, we frame it this way and suddenly it becomes a chance to connect with one another and experience this life we share.

Jamie on the Pier

This week we decided to head down to The Beaches here in Toronto. The water has been high this year and it shows. The few piers that reach out into the water were almost level with the surface of Lake Ontario. I’m nervous around deep water but I found bravery enough to walk to the end of the pier – and to sit on the¬†edge, dangling my bare feet into the water. Plus the view was spectacular.

Here’s what we saw to the East.

Here’s what we saw to the West. See what I mean about unpredictable weather?

And here’s what it looked like straight ahead.

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  1. scr4pl80 says:

    Love it, Jamie! Thanks for sharing :) I really have to get to the beach soon. I live so close and never go but every time I see someone else post about going, I miss it!

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