Rescue Kitten Update – 39 Days In

Rescue Kitten Update

Here’s a snapshot of how our rescue kittens are doing 38 days in. You can find the beginning of our adventure here.

JRS Escher on Red CoachEscher

When we first saw Escher he was pure grey with that gorgeous silver shimmer. Though he still has that glow, you can definitely start to see some tabby markings, clearly on his face and tail and subtly on his sides. His eyes are still a ring of blue and green and he is a beauty.

His pace is slow. He’s the last to join in any games and he’s still eating long after everyone else is finished (just like me and my dad). He’s still so guarded and likely to dash if you get anywhere close to him. Of all the kittens, he spends the most time tucked away in some rather hidden spot, often under our blue couch or Shannon’s bed.

With Escher it’s important to pay attention to the subtleties. Yes, he still glares at us warily like he’s sure we’re about to do something awful, but he also sometimes stretches out long and relaxed in the middle of the floor when we’re in the room. He may not like to be approached but he does seem to like being nearby. I try to sit close to him but not make a big deal out of it, grabbing a spot on the floor and a book or my journal and marking it as a success if he doesn’t move away.

Because there are three kittens it’s easy but not particularly useful to compare their progress. Escher has a gentle pace and that’s just fine. We’ll take it slow and steady and hope that eventually he’ll feel secure not scared and loved not threatened.

Shibumi Update


Especially on days when progress is too tiny to be measured, Shibumi gives us hope.

Shibumi the brave, the dauntless, the feisty.

Shibumi who will now come and ask for cuddles, who will rub against your leg and purr. We’ve even been able to pick this wee one up for a moment or two. Justin recently held her to his heart with one hand and we marveled at how tiny she still is.

She’s the smallest of the triplets, built compact and strong. Her frame seems just right for holding the intensity of her spirit. She’s silky to the touch and her eyes shine out from an incredibly expressive face.

She’s the first to catch the paper ball (Shibumi wins!) and the most likely to be caught on the counter. (We recently discovered that her favourite prey is the ubiquitous “teabag” and so we’ve had to make these scarce.) And we’re rather sure she was the instigator in the whole “vent” escapade. She’s also the soundest sleeper in the world! When she’s on, she’s on and when she’s out, she’s out!

This little kitten is a spitfire but one that’s full of love. I am grateful for her every single day.

Scout UpdateScout

Our little Scout is a sensitive soul. He is tremendously skittish and we’ve seen how terrified he can be, both when initially captured and at the vet, where the first time he literally threw himself in any direction to get away. It took him days to even look at me.

And yet…

He wants to love and be loved.

He would come up to me warily, awkwardly and I could feel the yearning in him. He would lean in, bow down and when I would reach out he would back away. But he would also come back. Slowly we moved towards being able to touch. We both worked at figuring out the approach, what would feel nice and not too scary.

He would flop to the ground and raise his legs in the air. He would turn around this way and that way and look at me with those big eyes. And oh, he would purr.

In fact, he was the first one to purr.

I feel like we’re in it together, Scout and me, figuring out this crazy little thing called love.


  1. Mari-anne says:

    We brought home two rescue kitties, sisters, just before last Christmas. What joys they are! We have earned their trust and their love and they bring us joy every day. Love your personality descriptions..just like people, unique and wonderful.

  2. Renee says:

    Aww..your little fur babies are doing great. I think it’s beautiful that Scout is trying the best he can to get the cuddles he so clearly wants. Progress from all three, I’d say. Looking forward to more updates!

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