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JRS One of a Kind

I started my vacation on Friday with a trip to the spring One of a Kind Show and Sale at Exhibition Place here in Toronto. I grabbed my camera and my journal and headed out to fill my well and perhaps have some inspiring creative conversations!

I asked several vendors for their best tip on finding the courage to create.

JRS HanneloreHannelore’s Story Works – Handbound Books

“There’s more than one way to do it right.”

Within minutes of arriving at the show, I had a great chat with Hannelore Sotzek. She shared how perfectionism can be paralyzing and how years ago getting this tidbit of wisdom from a pediatrician made all the difference. I bet that will make a difference to you too!

JRS WhippedWhipped Cosmetics

“Be open to inspiration! It’s everywhere, from your grandmother’s cookies to graffiti.”

This tip from Angela Filbert, the creator of Whipped Cosmetics, was rooted in her own creative approach. I loved hearing her inspirations for her Hula sugar scrub – tikki huts, a few too many blue Hawaiians and a woman with sass! She even shared with me her notebook full of drawings, gatherings and inspirations. Here’s another brilliant tip she threw in the mix:

“There are no rules. Just like what you like!”

JRS saidthekingsaid the king

“Let the work tell the story.”

I was totally caught by th modern and fun design at “said the king”. When I asked, “How did you get started with creating?” I loved Karen’s answer: “I saw my boyfriend producing stuff and I thought, I can do that!”  What might you get started with the simple words, “I can do that”?

JRS UglyPotsUgly Pots

“As adults, we focus too much on product. The key is to play.”

When I saw the name Ugly Pots, I simply had to ask about it. Pam explained that if beauty is slick, perfect and mass-produced, then these non-symmetrical, one-of-a-kind, “imperfect” creations must be ugly.  It is powerful to hear an artist share her point-of-view and to see it so clearly reflected in her work.

JRS with all my artWith All My Art

“Stop postponing life!”

With all of this glass, mirror, transparency and trees, With All My Art had me spellbound. Luckily I was able to come down to earth long enough to ask for a creative tip from Katherine Omally Greer, who without hesitation exclaimed, “Stop postponing life!” There will never be the perfect time so make now your time.

JRS Atelier TremaAtelier Tréma

As well as great creative conversations, I had a delightful time immersing myself in creative inspiration. It was fascinating to notice trends for this season and in my own heart. I was surprised by how often I was drawn to ceramics, especially at Atelier Tréma. Their colour story drew me in completely and I had to go back several times to settle on what I was going to bring home.

JRS Bowl

This gorgeous bowl, the colour of earth and sky, spoke to my heart. I was delighted to find that it is food safe and even dishwasher friendly. I have a feeling that little by little I’ll be adding to my collection. I have my eye on les poires as well!

It was an inspiring day at the show and the perfect way to start out my holiday! I’ll be back in the studio next Monday.

JRS Imagine


  1. nowandzenn says:

    Hi Jamie! It’s John (my blog is nowandzenn). That looks like it was such great fun! I’m guessing I would have left there with an armful of cool stuff! Love all the creative tips! It’s like 20 weeks of Artist’s Way work condensed into one Jamie blog entry. How cool is that?

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