October Cats in the Hood

Mutual Love. Cats in the Hood.
Tigger & Me
Charlie. Cats in the Hood.


Georgie. Cats in the Hood.
 Cats in the Hood.
Frosty. Cats in the Hood.
Jamie hearts cats
Jamie Hearts Cats

I have always loved cats and I’m always delighted to make a new friend. Luckily for me, I seem to meet them everywhere I go! I’ve decided to capture these precious moments with my camera in a series called #catsintheood.

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  1. Lesleyanne says:

    I love the cats in the hood posts too. It has inspired me to create my own cats in the hood as there is a few cats in the road I live on. Thank you Jamie for all your other posts as well. I’ve been so inspired the last few months by so much of what you have been saying and writing about. After a year of depression, I am finding so much more creativity and calmness all around me and wanted you to know you have been a part of my recovery lately. Thank you once again. From L. In Staffordshire in England.

  2. Jabo says:

    I love your photos! I have a series called “window” cats of – you guessed in – indoor cats looking out through the window. Thanks for sharing your joy of felines.

  3. Lynne says:

    Even though Rory looks like he might be a wee bit cranky he’s definitely cute – he’s so fluffy I just want to snuggle!

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