A Neglected Garden Still Blooms

I love my garden but with all the rain and all the busy, I haven’t had a chance to get out there much this spring. The other day, I joined the kittens looking out the back window and these amazing pink blooms called to me.

I grabbed my camera and braved the overgrown grass and the dandelions, noticing how much was in need of pruning and of weeding, and came to stand in front of these magnificent beauties.

Yes, I felt badly for not having tended the garden.

Yes, I didn’t want to look and see the mess. It’s easier to hide my neglect when I simply stay inside.

Oh… but what I would have missed.

This works the same way with our creative hearts. We may have been too busy. Times may have been too hard. It may have been weeks, months or years since we have tended to our artistic soul. Maybe we never have.

But we needn’t worry. Our creativity is firmly planted within, ready to bloom. You just have to find the courage to look.

JRS Tree Peony

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