My New Moon Ritual

Yesterday the new moon in Leo arrived. May she brings shining goodness into the world for all.

I look forward to each new moon. I have a ritual of lovingly setting up my space, listening to music, lighting a candle and reflecting. I reflect on how far I have come since the last new moon, how I have (or have not) filled my intentions. I have made a home for this in my Studio Yearbook. It’s so good because I can flip back over the pages and they remind me of challenges faced, accomplishments to be celebrated. This also gives me perspective on how much can be¬†easefully accomplished in a moon cycle and that helps me create the next one.

And that’s what I do next. I journal for a while, imagining what I want the next cycle to be, what I want to do, be, experience, create, how I want to feel. I then turn those imaginings into simple and clear intentions, guideposts for the time ahead. Some for this cycle:

Keep it simple.
Launch new classes.
Get outside.
Create new writing routine.
Show up for art.
Insist on original joy.
Be devoted.

I keep the list focused and short. I write it in my yearbook and also print it out to carry with me. Often I don’t look at it until the next new moon, when I am always surprised by how much I have lived into this list.

Do you have a new moon ritual?
What intentions would you like to set from now until the next?’

(If you want to try this out in a Studio Yearbook, you can get it here.)

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