Magic is All Around Us

Magic is all around us.

It lives on unexpected paths and in open invitations. It’s tucked into the books on your shelves and plays among the plants in your garden.

Magic is in the shoes that fit just right and the skirt that makes you dance.

Magic is in that perfectly ripe strawberry. It adds the je ne sais quoi to a meal. It draws routes on the map in your glove compartment. It dances on the whirling chain of your bike.

It’s in the wind that caresses your shoulders and the sun that kisses your cheeks. It’s in the friendly face of a stranger and the freckles on your best friend’s nose.

It’s in moody skies and your lover’s eyes and the purr of a welcoming cat.

Magic tickles our toes with a desire to adventure.

It sings our heart awake.

It calls us out of our shell to shine.

It inspires us to create.

Magic is all around us, as common as house sparrows and cups of tea.

Its in the spaces between these letters.

It lives between you and me.

Let’s open up to magic. Let’s remember what we always knew.

As a part of this magnificent world, we are magic too.

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