Fool’s Gold: Lessons the Fool Taught Me

Lessons from the Fool

Here at the studio, I’ve decided to redefine April Fool’s Day. See, I’m not much into trickery. In fact, in my family you could always ask me to find out if someone was just teasing. And in high school I wore a blue ribbon during the first week of class so that freshmen knew that if they asked me where the gym was, I’d tell them where the gym was. So the April Fool’s tradition here is to revisit the lessons (and wisdom) of The Fool. Enjoy!

Lessons from The Fool

I almost called this article, “Lessons Fools Have Taught Me” but that sounded like I was going to write about ex-boyfriends and bad teachers, when what I really want to talk about is the wisdom of The Fool, the first card of the tarot.

1. Have beginner’s mind.

Over time we fill up with knowledge, habits and experience, and generally, that serves us well. But sometimes being that full gets in the way of fresh thinking and creative possibilities. The gift of letting go of knowing is the opportunity to learn.

2. Leap.

Traditionally, The Fool is shown teetering on the edge, just about to go over a cliff. Whenever we step into a new adventure, it’s a risk. It’s natural to be nervous. But think how many things once felt risky and now are second nature, like standing, for example! Courage and confidence are created one leap at a time.

3. Don’t pay too much attention to your fears.

The Fool is often depicted with a little dog nipping at his heels or biting the seat of his pants to stop him from going over. Our fears do this to us all the time: sometimes protecting us, but sometimes holding us back. Take the time to listen to your fears, do what you can to support your safety and then get on with the adventure!

4. Play.

Even on the cliff, the Fool takes time to enjoy the moment. The most precious gift you have is now. Make room for some lightness and joy, maybe even some silliness – you may just find it delicious!

5. Don’t worry about being a 0.

Our real human need to be respected and valued can sometimes transmute into a drive for and dependency on status. Keeping up with appearances and worrying what others think of us is exhausting! The Fool reminds us to drop out of that game and simply be. Wherever you are, it’s just the right place on your journey.

What foolishness will you get up to this month?

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  1. Sandy Gougis says:

    Hi, Jamie,

    Great post! I’m getting up to the foolishness of creating an ecourse! It’s scary as I’ve never done anything quite like this before. But like the fool, I’m ready to leap into a new adventure! Thanks so much for your insights. I’ve loved the tarot for many years, and you’ve given me a fresh view of an old friend.


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