The Impossible, The Unknown & Freedom

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning I invite you Behind the Scenes at my studio.

Today: I’m noticing the relationship between the impossible and freedom – and reminiscing about the journey with our rescue kittens.

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Meet Grey
Meet Big Brother
Big Brother

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  1. Such beautiful kitties. Thanks for sharing all of those lovely pics. I remember when you first rescued them. :)

    I enjoyed Art Stories very much yesterday. Thanks for all you do, Jamie! I have not “met” another person like you that stirs my desire to live a creative life! thank you.

  2. kat scanlan says:

    Oh, Jamie, those kittens! Seeing the teensy wee things brought tears to my eyes! And Escher, even then, had that old soul in his eyes, bless him. I am so glad they are with you now, and adjusting well. It really has been a short period of time, all in all, and you all have done wonders together! And wow! your statemen – “Things that we think are impossible are simply things that we don’t know.” Major shift in perspective there, for many, I would think. Thank you for this wise insight. xxx

    • kat scanlan says:

      dang fingers! wish there was an edit button like on fb – of course I meant statement, with a T, not statemen :-)

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