I Made This! Crochet Socks

I Made Crochet Socks

I am so excited about this new Creative Living Activity here at the studio: I Made This! Every week I’m going to invite you to this loving Show & Tell where we share waht we’ve made and celebrate the creations of others.

This week I ran out of yarn for the blanket I’m crocheting. Ack! It was time to find a new project that I could enjoy while waiting for fresh yarn to arrive. I looked through some crochet magazines I have and also visited Ravelry for inspiration. I was looking for something not too difficult and that I already had appropriate yarn for. I was so excited when I found this free sock pattern. (I keep calling patterns “recipes, lol!)

I consider myself a newbie crocheter and am still learning to read patterns. You can see where I started to get the hang of it. Though this morning as I looked at what other people created I think I got it wrong, The little holes are supposed to move over slightly each time creating the “twist” to these Twisting Lace Socks. I also got stuck at the heel.

That’s okay. It’s all about the learning. Bit by bit I’ll figure it out and if it’s fun, eventually everyone I know will have a new pair of socks!

I’m sharing this post as a part of I Made This! If you want to share something you made this week, come on by and join in!

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  1. Lynn says:

    Jamie, you and Shannon are obviously northerners – what with your leg warmers and socks and sweaters with hoods… They are wonderful and look just so-o-o cozy. I used to knit, but have not attempted anything in many moons. You are an inspiration to try something new, though. Great job!

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks, Lynn! It’s true – the weather gives us lots of opportunity for scarves, leg warmers and sweaters! If I get this sock pattern figured out, I’ll be thrilled! I’ll look forward to seeing the new thing you try!

  2. Laurie says:

    Yay you for being so creatively brave! I love the colors, so sweet and springy! This inspires me to think carefully and again about those (many!) things I have always said “I can’t do” (but I would really LOVE to learn how to do!), like knitting/crocheting/sewing! I also got a bit spoiled as my mom could do ANYthing crafty, so growing up (and still now!), I always let her make me the things I wanted (but didn’t want to learn to do because I thought I would fail at it!) Thanks for starting this blog share, Jamie! It’s going to be so fun, interesting & inspiring!

  3. Suzie Ridler says:

    I have no idea you could crochet socks! I applaud you for just attempting it Jamie and I think they look quite cool. Pattern reading, oh the challenges! You did great and I think your idea for show and tell rocks!

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