A Gift of Kindness: Free Printable Affirmation Gift Set

affirmation gift set

A gift for you!

As we move into the new site, I’m pulling some treasures out of the studio vault and finding them a new home. One of the wonderful projects I have participated in was a collaboration to create this powerful set of affirmation cards with Amanda and Jenn of Kind over Matter, Brandi aka The Joy Rebel and Rachelle aka Magpie Girl. I received such loving feedback about the inspirational messages in these cards, including finding out that they’ve been heartwarming support in classrooms and for participants in healing groups and in that makes me beam! May they bring lots of inspiration your way.

You can download the gift set of affirmations for free!

May they bring you inspiration and joy!


  1. Jasna says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Thank you so much for this gift (one of many, actually, but this one is “officially labelled” as a gift)! :}
    And I’m grateful for all the difficulties while trying to access your website, because like I told you – Google Chrome helped me access it. Now I’m using only G.C., and because of this I was even able to read and print these affirmations. Namely my Adobe Reader vanished into the blue a few months ago. Yes, blessings in disguise ….
    May you have a wonder-full weekend!,
    P.S. It’s such a joy walking around your beautiful new home!

    • Jamie says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, Patricia. I hadn’t realized that some of these links had become out of date. I have updated this resource so now you should be able to access each piece! Enjoy :)

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