Gentleness, Risk & Being a Creative Warrior

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning I invite you Behind the Scenes at my studio.

Today: I reveal a secret to how I get grounded when risking sharing new work. plus the power in acknowledging ourselves and one another as creative warriors.

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  1. Leone says:

    I do so enjoy the BTS and look forward to it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I will miss you when you are gone until the fall. I mailed a flower painting to you on July 8th from Vancouver, I hope you are going to get it okay, it is coming up to three weeks.

    • Jamie says:

      That’s a long time to come from Vancouver, Leone. I am going to the Post Office today and will do another Show and Tell on Friday. I hope to include your flower then! And thanks so much for letting me know that the show matters to you – that matters to me :) ((hugs))

  2. Autumn_Forge says:

    Thank you for your fierce and wise message this morning. I wrote down your suggestion for setting achievable, meaningful conditions for satisfaction with your creative work. That’s enormously helpful in two ways. It directs my attention to what I want to get out of, and put into, an experiment or project. It’s also a reminder to keep my eyes on what I can control, instead of worrying about others’ reactions (or worse, imagined reactions) to my work.

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