From Abandoned to Rescued: A Kitten Update

JRS The Triplets Feel at Home
photo by Justin

We’re just starting our fourth day with The Triplets and so far the signs are promising. Even this photo of them sprawled out and sleeping (can you see how Little Sister is holding Grey’s head? LOL!) tells a tale of settling in nicely. We’ve certainly moved past the dominant mood of “fear” and are now working to get through “wary.” All three cats now let us sit a little closer to them. We’ve managed to lightly touch Big Brother and Little Sister just for an instant and I’ve been able to sit beside Grey with my foot touching his side. On occasion each of the cats has actually moved in closer to us and Big Brother and Little Sister have both taken treats from our hand!

Big Brother Day 4

Big Brother is definitely warming up and often comes to sit near me. My heart just about bursts every time because he was the most afraid.

Grey Day 4

Grey continues to be the most gentle and reserved. We’re worried about him this morning because he has a very pronounced limp. We’re hoping he just got a little overzealous and tweaked a muscle. All the kitty parents out there are telling us that’s the likely cause. I’ll still call the vet this morning.

Little Sister Day 4

Yesterday I started calling Little Sister Little Miss Feisty. She loves to play and hunt and is full of personality. And when she sleeps – she is OUT! This morning when I entered the Kitten Zone, she was up on the piano looking out the window. When she saw me, she leaped down and came closer. And yesterday she jumped on a chair and curled up right beside Shannon’s legs! Progress!

I feel so amazed and blessed by this adventure. Last night I said to Justin, “Whatever happens, this is one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life.” I meant it.

Read the start of The Triplets adventure here.

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  1. Suzie the Foodie says:

    Beautiful! I am glad you are making such positive progress Jamie. You are the cat whisperer after all!

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