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Today: From clothes to books, I’m ready to get focused – but there’s one reason I tend to get stuck when it comes to letting go of things.

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  1. Sam Tucker says:

    Jamie, I always so enjoy your BTS! And oh I totally hear you about the books. I am presently going through my books with this process: The obvious “no longer need” books go in a giveaway box. The rest (about 95%!) require a much different approach. I spend a little time with each book. How does it feel to give it away or pass it on to a friend? Is the book done with ME yet? Often this is a telling process. There are many books I can move along, but equally, there are the books that I am not yet done with the dance. I realize this probably isn’t helpful, but it is my quirky process at the moment.

  2. Pamela says:

    I hear you about the books and just went through this as I moved. It is a process.
    I like the idea of a library in my home – a room devoted to reading. I feel it’s a privilege to own books and be able to read them. I revel in them!
    I want people to know me through the books I read. You expressed it eloquently about your mom’s books.
    I have a collection of my great aunt’s books – Pearl Buck, Ernest Hemingway, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. .. . they are treasures to me because she read them and kept them.
    I save books that are autographed or inscribed by friends, in addition to books that are hard to find or not in print anymore.
    I can let go of fiction books easier than memoirs or other kinds of books. If I can get it at the library, I can usually release my copy. Paperbacks are pretty easy to give away.
    Sam’s question above is great – “Is the book done with me?”

    Oh. . . those darling kittens at the end. . . . I laughed out loud at how they adventure – opening the closet to Narnia with a tassel tug?! :)

    Have a fun weekend! You gave us a truly inspiring week of videos. WOW!

  3. judy says:

    Hi Jamie, it was so nice to hear something about NOT letting go of everything! I too find going through my books a real journey through memories. There are some I would never let go of, for various reasons, and some that I am happy to pass along to others, to create more “breathing space” in my house. It’s an ongoing process! btw, love your beautiful kitties – I have two myself!! :)

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