Find Inspiration: Andrea Bocelli, Ellie Goulding – Return to Love

I came across this video for Return to Love by Andrea Bocelli and Elli Goulding this week and was moved in a way that seemed particular to this moment in time. In the video, they explain that they asked 100 people to sit down and listen to this song. They filmed their reactions.

No doubt if I had watched this last year, I would still be moved but during this time of COVID-19, this opportunity to look deep into the eyes of people as they respond to the music feels intimate in a way that is much needed soul-nourishment. I hope you find it so as well.


  1. susanJOY Hosken says:

    Oh my goodness. I am weeping. Such an incredible song. Thanks so much for sharing it Jamie. You bring such wonder and magic into my life. lots of love always from susanJOY

  2. Jan Bailey says:

    This song touched my HEART and filled me up with LOVE for all mankind. Thank-you for sharing and touching our lifes with so much LOVE and may the world follow. Wishing you Joy and lots of Love from Jan Bailey!

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