Find Inspiration: Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli

I have a regular Inspiration Practice. I look for inspiration every day and record what I find in my Studio Yearbook. I encourage myself to go beyond having a ‘feel good’ moment but instead try to really contemplate what has inspired me and see how I can integrate what I have learned into my creative life.

Today my sister Shannon introduced me to the CBC Arts series The Move. I watched episode one with Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli and it was timely and helpful! Yesterday I hosted the Studio Yearbook Q&A and one of the big questions that came up, and that comes up every season, is “What happens if I wreck my yearbook?” In the video, Luca shares the dance concept of “Crash and Create” and it is perfect for dance, the arts and all of life.

“In dancing we have this philosophy called ‘Crash & Create.’ Essentially if you are going to go into a move and you are going to crash and slip out of that movement, how can you end up creating a new movement?” Luca “Lazylegs” Patuelli

What would be different if you believed in a philosophy of Crash & Create?
What other takeaways can you get from 5 minutes with Luca?

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