Feedback, Fire & Opening the Door

Every weekday morning I invite you Behind the Scenes at my studio.

Today:  Dealing with challenges is a part of creative living, from overheated computers and lost video files to negative feedback and snide remarks. What do I do? I share some strategies today. Also I share my plans for Mindy Tsonas’ Inner Alchemy Circle: Fire Coven and how I discovered the process of Pearl Diving.

Mentioned in Today’s Show:

And to give you an idea how close that robin came…


Robin at Jamie Ridler Studios

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  1. Sarah Vee says:

    Jamie, I HAD to comment when I saw the robin photo. I had one visit me that close this week too! I thought it was going to come right up to me while I was gardening. I watched the video then of course and was reminded of how amazing you are:) You are so authentically present in these videos. I appreciate the time and energy it takes for you to put them out into the world. thank you!

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