1. Céline Kelette says:

    hi ! very interesting and helpful for me to think about what is me …… the magic accessory for me (as your rings !) is perfume !!! I love my perfumes, they reveal my mood every day … !!!
    see you tomorrow
    thanks !

  2. Rene Cerrito says:

    I read a true account of a married couple who were sailing to exotic places on their own boat. They were often out on the ocean… secluded from civilization… so they would go sans clothes… enjoying their freedom in being nude. What they found though, was that the desire to express their individuality by adorning their bodies was very strong… and they would use seaweed or shells or anything from their natural world as bracelets, necklaces, in their hair etc, etc. I find this fascinating. Great topic Jamie. I explore this a little in a guided imagery exercise that I do in my women’s workshop. I think expressing ourselves in this way is important and should not be considered trivial… it allows the most precious parts of ourselves to be seen and expressed and in that way we honor who we really are!

    • Jamie says:

      That’s fascinating, Rene! Thank you for sharing. Style is definitely an under-rated part of our self-expression – and I’m so glad we’re in conversation about that!

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