What are your deepest dreams?
Full Snow Moon Dreamboard Workshop

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Are you ready to dive into your deepest dreams?

The practice of creating a dreamboard The Studio Way invites more of what you desire into your life while serving as a powerful tool of creative self-reflection. Dreaming in tandem with the phases of the moon helps us deepen our practice, learning the lessons of each moon and developing our Year of Dreams.

Over more than a decade of this practice, I have learned to make dreamboards that are not only manifestation magnets (which they are!) but also powerful reflecting pools. Creating a dreamboard with the full moon tunes you into your inner compass, focusing your herat on the true north of your dreams.

To support you in discovering the powerful practice of dreamboarding, I’ve created a series of workshops, rooted deeply in moon cycles, creativity and magic, rooted in my deep belief in dreams and in you.

Join me in this Full Moon practice and connect to your self, the Universe and your dreams: big and small, tender and brave, mundane and wild.

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For each cycle of the moon, the Year of Dreams series offers a workshop that will guide you through creating your dreamboard under the specific influence of the upcoming Full Moon (e.g. Full Snow Moon, Full Worm Moon, Full Pink Moon). Every monthly offering will include not only the moon-specific workshop but also the How to Make a Dreamboard the Studio Way lesson so that we are all creating in the same context and on the same sacred ground. Once you’ve registered for your workshop, you will have access to it for the lifetime of this offering at the studio. You can return again and again under this full moon to connect to your dreams.

Each Full Moon brings with it a specific focus, a guiding light for your dreams.

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The Full Snow Moon asks: What are your deepest dreams?

That is the question we will be focusing on for this workshop. From the moment you register, that question will start to steep in your heart. Clues will begin to bubble as you gather your materials, holding the question in your heart. As you step into the creative process, you will start to engage with your dreams. When you enter the circle with the Full Moon, you will have the opportunity to discover the messages she has for you. In that moment, you will create a dreamboard that will become a manifestation magnet but that will also serve as a reflecting pool, helping you discover the dreams in your heart – and the parts of yourself – that want to emerge.

Here’s what you get with this workshop:

  • Welcome: A personal welcome video from me, introducing you to the workshop and inviting you into the circle.
  • Dreamboard Lesson: A complete lesson on How to Make a Dreamboard the Studio Way, rich with magic, creativity, intention and intuition.
  • Full Moon Dreamboard Workshop: In this audio workshop, I take you on a journey to connect to the energy of this Full Moon. From that place you will then connect to your dreams in a deep and powerful way before embarking on the creative process of dreamboarding. Once you’ve made your board, we will journal our way to discovering the magical messages it has for you.
  • Full Moon Guided Visualization: One of the most powerful aspects of the workshop is connecting to the magic of the full moon. You’ll receive a separate MP3 so that you can visit with this Full Moon anytime.
  • Full Moon Journal Sheets: To support you in the workshop, you will receive downloadable journal sheets, one to connect you to your dreams in this very moment and the other to uncover the wisdom within your dreamboard.
  • Printable Supply List: This supply list will make sure you have everything you need for dreamboarding.
  • Lifetime Access: As a registrant of this full moon workshop, you will have access to this content for the workshop’s lifetime.
  • Bonus Lesson: An additional lesson designed specifically to give you even more opportunity to deepen your experience with your dreamboard and bring more of its magic to life.
  • Bonus Resource: A PDF of the moon cycles of 2015
  • Bonus Opportunity: Access to a dreamboard discovery session with me – at a special price!

A Note About Timing: When you register, you’ll have immediate access to this program and everything you need to know in order to create your dreamboard for the Full Moon.

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Price: $50

Years ago, sitting in my mom’s living room, hanging out with Mom and my sisters, cutting and gluing, dreaming, chatting, I had no idea that a life-changing practice had entered into my life.

Who would imagine that a simple, creative activity could open up the door to my dreams?

I know it will do the same for you!

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    Hi Jamie !
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    such an amazing experience, a step deeper !
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