Day 4: It’s Time to Singalong – at a Distance!

Please Note: The original event has passed and is no longer available online.  I’ve put up a similar event. It is a fundraiser but gives you a sense of what a sing-a-long would be like. As of the time of this writing, Choir! Choir! Choir! is still holding regular online events.

Yesterday in this series, I encouraged you to dance.* Today, I’m going to invite you to sing.

I’ve been attending Choir! Choir! Choir! events in Toronto for years now. Each week they host a gathering (or two) at a bar in Toronto where whoever shows up learns an always stellar arrangement of a chosen song. By the end of the night, the ragtag group of people that walked in the door are singing in harmony and having a memorable night.

Right now, as we isolate ourselves for the health of everyone, events like this are put on hold but with the creativity of Daveed and Nobu, who run C!C!C!, we can still sing together! They have been hosting live streamed Social Distan-Sing Alongs. What a joy to be belting out a tune at home knowing people around the world are doing the same.

I shared a recent recording at the top of this post and there’s another event this coming Sunday, March 29th at 3:00 pm EST. The theme is “springtime”

Join in and sing these songs on Sunday:

1. Here Comes The Sun
2. Walkin’ On Sunshine
3. I Can See Clearly Now
4. Steal My Sunshine
5. Tomorrow (from Annie)
6. Summer Breeze
7. Lovely Day
8. Easy (Like Sunday Morning)
9. 59th St Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)

To join the live stream, “Like” Choir! Choir! Choir!’s Facebook page and at 3:00 PM EST you’ll get a notification about the live feed. Alternatively, you can go here on YouTube and singalong there! (I have been going to both and when I see which one is running more stably, I choose it). Choir provides a link to the lyrics on their Facebook page.

I hope you’ll come out. I’d love to know that we’re singing together on Sunday!

*BTW, I went to yesterday’s live stream dance event with The Get Down and it was brilliant! It was 2 hours of good energy, being connected to our bodies and in community. I recommend it!

On the New Moon, I began a new blog series: 40 Days of Beauty, Goodness & Love, little moments of light to get us through a difficult time. If you get solace, peace and inspiration from this, please share with others who need the same. (And if you’re gathering goodness too, please share resources in the comments!)


  1. susanJOY Hosken says:

    Don’t dance nowadays but love my slow moving with yoga poses. I don’t sing but I chat to myself and I indulge in the pleasures of silence. I laugh a lot even though I am alone so that is a form of vocalising!! sending you love and light Jamie and glad you are still singing and dancing from susanJOY

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