Day 16: Identifying Birds with BirdNET

Cardinal on the Roof

One of the joys of springtime is opening up our windows and hearing the birds. Their sounds are so familiar. I’ve been listening to them for a lifetime and yet, sometimes I don’t know the bird that is singing a particular song.  When I realized that, it felt so strange, like not knowing the face of a dear friend.

The BirdNET app has helped me do some identification. This morning, I opened the window and, along with the cats, listened to the birds. I recorded their songs into the app and was able to discover who was singing in the backyard. First, a robin. What amazing range this beauty has. I feel like I have heard her every day of my life. And then the mourning doves. I have seen them, at times, on our roof and now I know for sure they are still here. And lastly, the cardinal. They are such beauties and it still seems rare to get a sighting. Now that I know their sound, I can tell they are here, even if I can’t see them.

Are you listening to the birds? Who sings in your neighbourhood? I’d love to know. If you’re not sure, perhaps the BirdNet app will be a treat for you too.

On the New Moon, I began a new blog series: 40 Days of Beauty, Goodness & Love, little moments of light to get us through a difficult time. If you get solace, peace and inspiration from this, please share with others who need the same.
PS In the video below, be sure to put on subtitles.

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  1. Susan Richmond says:

    Oh thank you Jamie. I love this and will download the app ASAP. So many bird coming back to NH and I can’t wait to do a bit more identification.
    So enjoying these 40 days and glad to have the BTS back!
    You are a port in the storm now.

  2. susanJOY Hosken says:

    On this mornings walk to the oak trees I stood transfixed by a dear magpie warbling. I love their song. An Australian magpie!

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