Creativity, Routines & Your Life is Your Studio

On Tuesday & Friday mornings I invite you Behind the Scenes at my studio.

Today: I’m back from my trip to Berkeley and glad to be slipping back into daily routines. Plus I answer the question, “What do you mean when you say, ‘Your life is your studio?'”

If you are interested in advance notice for the yearbook, be sure to join the studio!


  1. Leone says:

    Thank you so much Jamie for talking about “your Life Is Your Studio” you really made it very clear. I wrote; “everything we do is an act of creativity”. I will watch this BTS several times and make notes. Thank you again.

  2. thanson777 says:

    OMG I absolutely cannot wait for the yearbook – feel free to send me a fall copy now so I can “zeta”? test it for you…hee hee!

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