Creativity, Discomfort & Bravery

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Today: Bringing any creative project to life involves discomfort. How do we brave it?

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  1. clkitchell says:

    When I was a little girl, I got forced into taking a swimming class at the local YMCA. I was scared to death. I felt like I was alone in this weird, echo-riddled pool world that reeked of chlorine. We had to stand at the edge of the pool and dive in head first. I couldn’t! Oh, it was agonizing, knowing I had to and feeling like I just couldn’t do it. I hovered and lingered and agonized. Sometimes, getting started on a new path, a new expression of creativity and life is like that for me. I want to, but I’m afraid. Years later, I learned to swim in my grandparents’ lake – water that was embracing and alive and wonderful, where I was free to dive in with abandon and joy. Sometimes the place of launch is uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s your real home. But I found that when I’m willing, afraid or not, to step off the end of the dock over the water below, when I take the chance to step out of the boat and sink or swim, when I stop fighting myself and just let go…..some wonderful things can happen. My discomfort and pain can be the entrance ticket to a beautiful place. Thanks always for your wise words, Jamie.

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