1. Yvonne says:

    Beautiful Images! I find it very very hard to organize ephemera, pictures, photos, feathers and all those little things that are so cool for collage, mixed media or journaling. I have a big folder where I keep some things like tags, calendar images.. But I still also have several boxes for those things, so it’s at least a little structured – and I still constantly search for them. Nobody wants to see how it looks here when I’m creating, seriously.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Pamela says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I collage in my journal. I have a 12 pocket accordion file(from Target) and I sort my pictures/images according to the month of the year. If I don’t use an image right away, I have it for the next time the month or season comes around.
    The file ties up with a ribbon and stores easily.

  3. Keryl says:

    I pull apart magazines and use the entire page as a journal page – I only select the pages I like and glue them back to back and create journaling spots with blank coloured paper which I glue over unwanted text. Then I make a cover with collaged cardboard and spiral bind it all together and add beads and ribbons to the spiral binding. My journals have pages to last 3 months – each one reflecting the colours and themes of each season. I mostly use English home/ living magazines which have a great blend of nature ,gardening, art and craft, home and cooking pages. I use a page a day for daily writing and add in ephemera, collage,pressed flowers and leaves, quotes and doodling – really anything that creates a memory or inspires me.

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