Creative Strategies that Changed My Life

On Tuesdays I invite you Behind the Scenes at my studio.

Today:   I deeply believe that our creativity can change our lives (and even the world!) Today I am sharing some creative strategies that have changed my life! I hope they will be a help to you too!


  1. Susan Richmond says:

    Hi Jamie, I have listened and watched you for years and want you to know that this BTS hit home deeply. It was one of those feeling the tears and excitement after months of being shut down— literally, quarantined at home—and creatively shut down as well. Online courses have stayed unopened and my only saving creative grace has been the Yearbook with much more writing and less art but still mostly daily. My next steps will likely be small but thank you for your encouragement and inspiration. Sending healing prayers to your hand and so many thanks for your continuing to show up for all of us.
    Susan Richmond

    • Jamie says:

      Susan, thank you so much for sharing what is in your heart. I’m so glad this BTS spoke to you. I think you can take that as a sign that your dear creative heart is stirring once again. Here’s to the next unfurling! With love, Jamie

  2. Evelyne van de Poel says:

    Thank you Jamie for being an anchor for drifting souls. I can totally relate to the shy, well behaved good girl. At 58 I still battle with this introverted shyness. Especially when it comes to my art. I created many paper paintings. Tried to hang them in galleries. Worked out once, but didn’t sell. Only one watercolor painting sold. Those things intimidate me and make me go into hiding mode. Thought about renting a space and inviting people to see my art, but I’m just to nervous about negative comments. So I packed them away. Same thing with my woven scarves. And my study for soundhealing practioner. Always this feeling of not being good enough. And not knowing enough.

    Stay safe and hope your hand is healing well.
    Thank you again.

    Evelyne 💜

    • Jamie says:

      Dear Evelyne, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful and tender words. It is perfectly good and valid to find joy in the practice and never share… unless the desire to share is sitting in your heart… and I suspect from what you’ve written that it is. There are a million ways to share your gifts. Keep looking for the ones that works *with* the natural leanings of your spirit. How can you tend your beautiful heart and share?

  3. Linda F says:

    Thank you for all you offer. The laughter, the connection, and the lifting up. Not to mention the kitty korner, they are such good helpers! Recently I have been a bit anxious, and this offered a bright spot, a calm voice of encouragement amidst the chaos. Also thank you for the links to the BLM movement and the artists of color. This is very close to my heart.
    Take good care!

    • Jamie says:

      You are so welcome, Linda. It is my great joy to share and it means so much to me to know that these things brought something meaningful to you! ((bighugs))

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