Creative Living with Jamie (2.0): What is Creative Living?

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Creative Living with Jamie 2.0 (episode 272): What is Creative Living?

With this tea-for-two me-and-you episode we get back to basics. What is a creative life and why would you want to have one? I have my answer and, in traditional studio fashion, I want you to explore your answer too!

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Whether this is the first episode that you’ve listened to or we’ve been hanging out for years, I am so glad that you’re here.  I love knowing that we’re hanging out in your studio, folding your laundry or that we’re hanging out while you’re walking your dog or going to work. Wherever you are and however you listen, I want you to know, I cherish you. And if you cherish this show, if it has been a blessing to your creative life, please spread the magic! Take a moment to leave a positive rating or review on iTunes. Share the podcast with your friends! You really can make a difference by shining a light on the show so that it can be found by other creative hearts just like you.

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