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Tracie Hanson on Creative Living with Jamie

This Week on Creative Living with Jamie:

Tracie Hanson, artist

Tracie Was born in Texas and moved to the west coast shortly after graduating college. Since then, she has enjoyed varied careers ranging from  co-owning an art gallery with her artist Mother
to a long stint in television advertising.

Nothing however has made her happier and more fulfilled than discovering her passion for painting only a few short years ago in 2009 – even when co-owning the gallery, she had not known she was an artist!

Tracie lives with her husband, his two teen daughters and a dog named “Flea” in Huntington Beach and Palm Springs, California.

Tracie’s artwork reveals her love of exotic cultures, travel and educational backgrounds in both Geology and Archaeology. Many of the figures or objects in her paintings are literally “excavated”  from randomly painted and collaged backgrounds. This intuitive painting technique surprises even the artist as unusual compositions and mystical characters take shape.

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Website: Dream Diggers Studio
Upcoming Retreat: Creative Nomad Retreat

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  1. Suzie the Foodie says:

    Wonderful Jamie! I thoroughly enjoyed this inspiring video and how awesome that you got to do it twice. :) Thanks for sharing!

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