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This week’s podcast is 15:05.

Polly Washburn on Creative Living with Jamie

This Week on Creative Living with Jamie:

Polly Washburn, writer and filmmaker

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Positron Media
Be Softer (no longer available)
Poz Vibes (no longer available)

Polly Washburn, founder of Positron Media, is a writer and filmmaker. She has worked as a producer, journalist, editor, researcher, and freelance writer and designer. She is the writer/director/producer/editor of three short films, a stop-motion animation, and a music video.

Her current web projects are sister sites Be Softer and Poz Vibes, both dedicated to using the power of the positive to create a kinder, more beautiful world. Her current writing projects include a novel, two feature screenplays and a collection of poetry. As a producer, she has three feature films in development. In the past year, she served as line producer on the Canadian feature Black Field, as well as producing three short films. Polly was associate producer and writer for Bump! travel show, and was selected by Women and Film and Television-Toronto and Deluxe as the 2008 Deluxe Producer Intern. She is a graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s PrimeTime Television Program.

Show Notes…

  • Polly refers to Stephen King’s book On Writing

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